About The Shoot

Your headshots are the singular most important marketing tool you have as an actor. You can be a brilliant actor but if your headshots suck and are unprofessional, nobody will ever find out how good you are because you won’t get called in.

Whether you shoot with me or another professional photographer, don’t skimp on quality.  Competition is too fierce out there and bad shots will get you passed over.  The fact that you’re seeking out professional headshot photographers and reading this instead of trying to get TFP or free headshots off of Craigslist means that you’re taking your career seriously.  That’s awesome!

Hot Headshot Philosophy

My headshot philosophy is simple: your headshots are about you and not me.  My goal is to capture you in the best light that is real and authentic to who you are.  It’s that simple.

That should be a no-brainer, right?  Well, it needs to be said because unfortunately too many times you see headshots that are about the photographer trying to do something cool.  Either cool locations or cool lighting techniques or cool red borders around your 8x10s and stuff like that.

Cool is great but all those cool things are very distracting and could take away from the only cool thing that should be in your headshot: you.  I don’t care about me being cool, I care about making you look hot!

Before The Shoot

Spend time thinking about the current acting market, how and where you fit in, and what type of roles you will play and be sent out for.  Coming to the shoot with a clear vision of what you want to get out of the photo shoot is key.  The more you know yourself, your look and the business, the more focused you can be at achieving your goals.

If you have agents or managers, make sure to ask them if there is anything specific they want to see out of your headshots.

Make sure to read the page on what to wear for headshots by clicking here.

Get plenty of rest.

During The Shoot

We’ll discuss the kind of shots you want to get out of the shoot.  We will go though the wardrobe you’ve brought and pick the best options to achieve the look you want.

The shoot is fun, easy and relaxed.  I don’t count frames or number of photos so there is never any pressure on you to worry about running out of shots.  As we shoot, I’ll show you a few images to make sure that everything is progressing smoothly as envisioned.  Once we feel that we’ve nailed one look, we’ll move on to the next look.  We will continue that way until we’re done with the shoot.

After we’ve shot all your looks, I’ll download the photos to the computer and show you your entire photo session on a 42 inch LCD screen.  We’ll edit out any shots where you are blinking and then we’ll copy all the high resolution images to your USB flash drive.

After The Shoot

Since you will have all the high resolution images from the shoot, you can take your time going through your photos and narrow them down at your own pace on your own computer.

Once you select your final images for retouching, e-mail us the image numbers.  We’ll retouch the images and send you the final files.  Make sure to click here for more details on retouching and border selection for your 8×10.

If you have any questions please feel free to call us at 818-720-4852 or click here to send us a message.