Headshots FAQ

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What should I wear for my headshots session?

This is an important question that is answered in detail on this page.

Do I really need a professional makeup artists or hair stylist for my headshots?

This is a big question and every headshot photographer will answer it differently.  The simple answer is no.  You do not need a professional makeup artists or hair stylist for headshots.  Click here to read my take on why.

Okay, I get what you’re saying about professional makeup artists for headshots, but I still want one.  Can you provide one?

Yes, I can provide a professional makeup artist who will stay throughout the entire shoot.  For rates, click here.

Do you shoot digital or film and what kind of camera do you use?

I shoot with professional Canon cameras and lenses using RAW format at 21 megapixels.

How many frames or exposures or photos do you take per look?

One of the luxuries of shooting digital is we don’t have to worry about a 36 exposure film roll, so I don’t count frames.  We shoot until we have the shot you’re trying to achieve.  Then before the shoot is over we review the shots on a 42 inch flat screen LCD monitor to confirm that we captured what you need.

How long does a shoot normally take?

Shoots are fun, relaxed, and easy.  On average figure about two hours, but it varies depending on the situation and your needs.  I’ve had shoots where somebody had a small window of time on their lunch break and I was able to get them in and out in 45 minutes with shots that their agent loved and other shoots have gone three hours.

Can you give me more info on what happens during the shoot?

Sure.  You can read details of the shoot on this page.

What is the difference between RAW and JPEG?

Think of RAW as the film negative and JPEG as the film print.  You have much more control over the final image when shooting RAW format because you can do a lot more with the negative in terms of post production work.

Do you shoot using natural light or studio lights?

I use natural light for actor headshots and studio light for model shoots.