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Makeup For Headshots

Do you need a professional makeup artist or hair stylist for headshots? This is a big question and every headshot photographer will answer it differently.  The simple answer is no.  You do not need a professional makeup artists or hair stylist for headshots. Here is my take on why.  First let me point out that [...]

What to Wear in Headshots

What to Wear for Headshots When people first look at your shots, they should be captivated by your eyes and then your face. Your headshots are not about your clothes so your wardrobe should be simple, sleek, sexy, smooth and again, simple. When selecting your wardrobe, think about what type of roles you will be [...]

Headshot Retouching

With headshot retouching, the goal is to present you in the most amazing and spectacular way, but also remain completely accurate to what you really look like in person.  There is nothing worse than getting called in for an audition and frustrating the casting director or agent because you look nothing like your headshot.  We [...]

Headshots Pricing

Pricing for Actor Headshots Headshots pricing starts at just $395 and all packages include retouching and 8×10 setup!  Please select the package that best serves your needs.  A “Look” equals a wardrobe change. Each Retouched Image Includes: 1 High Resolution 8×10 with your name and border ready for printing. 1 High Resolution full sized image [...]