What to Wear in Headshots

What to Wear for Headshots

When people first look at your shots, they should be captivated by your eyes and then your face. Your headshots are not about your clothes so your wardrobe should be simple, sleek, sexy, smooth and again, simple.

When selecting your wardrobe, think about what type of roles you will be sent out for and want kind of roles you want to play.  Also keep in mind your age range and what type of looks will best serve that range.  Bring a selection of clothing that compliments those ideas.  We will select the best options for the look you are trying to go for.

Headshots Dos & Don’ts For Wardrobe


  • Bring a variety of solid color shirts including black, white, and red.  Yes, that’s right, I said it.  Black, white, and red colored tops are dos in my book.  I know that you’ve probably read on other headshot photographer web sites to avoid those colors.  The real reason they tell you that is because they don’t know how to shoot those colors and since it’s a higher level of difficulty, they just tell you those colors are “no-nos” or against “the rules.”
  • Bring a variety of tops with various necklines.  Think tank tops, crew necks, v-necks, collared shirts, spaghetti straps (women only), sweaters, light-weight jackets, sport coats, and business suit coats.  I’m on the fence with turtle necks so if you have one that you absolutely love, bring it and we’ll try to make you not look like an 80s beat poet.
  • If you want to do sports shots, make sure that you bring outfits that are form fitting and flattering.  I know finding great sports clothing without logos can be tough but try to avoid the logos if you can.  If you can’t, we can also take them out in Photoshop.
  • For Women – Bring a nicely fitted pair of jeans or skirt or pants.  The shots will mostly be waist up but there will be some angles where we might see lower.  Also if you have that sexy simple black dress or another simple dress you think will make you shine, bring it.
  • For Men – Bring a pair of jeans or dark slacks.  The shots will mostly be waist up but there will be some angles where we might see lower.  If you are doing a sport coat or suit coat, bring a few ties to throw in the mix.
  • Make sure your clothes are clean from stains, lint, hair, etc.
  • Iron or steam your shirts to knock out bad wrinkles.


  • No busy patterns or decorations or prints on your shirts.  Not only are they distracting and pull the viewers eyes away from your eyes, they will also date your photo.
  • No polka dots.  Even if you’re in a polka band.  They are distracting.  The dots, not the band.
  • Unless you’re a referee, don’t bring stripes.
  • No ruffles or those clown type collars.  They look bulky and are not flattering in photos.
  • No distracting jewelry.
  • No wearing costumes or dressing as a character.  I think those kind of shots are cheesier than Cheetos covered in melted cheese.  With that said, if there is something that your agent has requested we’ll try to make it work while still remaining focused on your eyes and stay true to who you are.